Kerfs Products

Naturally formulated.....

HomerKerf's Products are composed of food grade ingredients yet will not turn rancid or become tacky even in hot, humid climates. And they just plain smell good.

No need to worry about chemical problems or interactions while using Kerf's. Nothing nasty is present to evaporate into the air to endanger people and pets. Our products are often used by those with chemical sensitivities.

Perfect for any item which comes in contact with food such as cutting boards, wooden utensils, bowls, cutting boardbutcher block tops, etc. Safe to use on children's furniture, cribs and toys.

A favorite of woodturners, woodworkers, carvers, crafters and homemakers, Kerf's Products can be used as a stand alone finish or over water and oil based finishes, stains and sealants.

Versatile and gentle enough to use for general cleaning and care of furniture, antiques and other wood items. Regular use can help prevent cracking and warping.
turned items
Our product selection provides you with a safe, effective and natural way to meet all your woody needs.