Kerfs Products

About us

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, ShadowWood Too is a small company committed to small-batch, artisan manufacturing of wood finishing/care products. The products are designed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood while also focusing on the safety and experience for the product user.

Since 1996, Anne Beam, a nurse who is originally from Pennsylvania and loves wood, has been producing Kerf's Products for sale to the public. Kerf's began its evolution because Anne's husband made some knotty pine storage cabinets for their personal in home use. Since it was late fall, Anne did not want to use a finish that would outgas nasty chemicals and smells into the room air all winter long. So she created her own finish utilizing the wonderful locally produced beeswax she first encountered at the Bellingham Farmers' Market. After much research and batch after batch, Anne came up with the formula for the finish that is now known as Kerf's Wood Cream. Kerf's Lavender Wood Lotion was created four years later. Kerf's Lemon Luster for Wood became available to the general public in late 2006, although Anne has been producing the Luster on a custom order basis since early 2000.

Anne keeps the business operations simple and straightforward and believes that even with growth and expansion, this can be achieved. Her health care, chemistry, food preparation and business education and experiences all play a part in the products available for your purchase and use.

ShadowWood Too is committed to using only quality ingredients, labels and packaging obtained from other local, small, individual or family owned operations. All of the Kerf's Products are still made by hand and packaged in small batches. We believe that handcrafted and cherished wood items deserve treatment that is as special as the items themselves.